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"I have noticed a stronger sense of well being.  My daily meditations are more clearer.

I still feel the effects of the session hours later, it is as if I was still there.

Things in my life are more clearer.  My interaction with people seems to have a better flow."


"Kate Landis was recommended to me by a dear, knowledgeable and trustworthy friend during a very challenging transition in my life, what I refer to as my "perfect storm."  Kate skillfully supported me in finding, acknowledging, trusting and acting on my deepest heart wisdom.  Through counseling, Rising Star and Reconnection sessions with Kate, how quickly and well my life transformed; how amazingly quickly I integrated, tapped into deep healing energies and rediscovered my inner resources, creativity, inspiration, joy and balance!  She is truly a gifted healer and I am truly grateful for her services.  She has my highest recommendation for her services!"



"This 5-part meditation series was a powerful learning experience.  I developed innate tools of mindful awareness, controlled breathing, and positive intention.  As a result of daily breathing and meditation practice, I feel a heightened connection with my inner self and all that is around me.  Thank you, Kate, for sharing the gift of your insight."



"I have experienced Katherine's energetic healing. 🙏🏼 I was going through Covid at the time and felt through her unconditional love and the energy she was channeling to feel significant relief physically, emotionally and spiritually.  All was masterfully done remotely.  💖🕊AHO!"



"Loved my experience with you Kate.  It was extraordinary!  First I had no idea what I needed and what took place was something I certainly will never forget.  Very gifted you are."



"For those of you who do not know Kate's abilities, she is the real deal.  Thank you, Kate, for being authentic, clear, and truly gifted for the Collective."




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To schedule a session: 717-723-6300 or email


Disclaimer: Kathryn Landis makes no claims, promises, or guarantees, and is neither diagnosing or treating specific health issues or challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.


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